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GonzOil, Inc. 5260 Fulton Drive, NW Canton, Ohio 44718 Phone: (330)497-5888 Fax: (330)497-8010 Email: GonzOil1@aol.com

GonzOil began exploring for oil and natural gas in 1988 and now operates wells throughout eastern Ohio. The company’s offices are in Canton, Ohio.

GonzOil's oil and gas activities are limited to the state of Ohio. Anyone looking for oil and gas information outside of Ohio should contact their state's Department of Natural Resources or their state's Oil and Gas Trade Association.

In addition to drilling new wells, GonzOil is one of the largest oil and gas well plugging contractors in Ohio. GonzOil's well plugging expertise has been used by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the Ohio Department of Transportation, the Ohio Turnpike Commission. GonzOil also has plugged wells for Cuyahoga County Metroparks, MetroParks Summit County, and Federal Bureau of Land Management.

In the 25 years since its founding, GonzOil has expanded its skills to cover most oilfield work: clearing and grubbing, site work, oil field deconstruction and well site restoration.

In 2012, GonzOil was one of the top 10 oil producers and one of the top 25 natural gas producers in Ohio.

GonzOil maintains a performance bond with the Ohio Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management that enables the company to operate oil and gas wells in Ohio. The company also carries $3,000,000 of general liability insurance.

Ohio is a leading producer of oil and gas, ranking in the top half of all producing states in the nation
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