Desired Well Plugging and Property Information 

The plugging contractor will need to know the location of the well: Ohio county, township, nearest street address, and eventually, the GPS latitude and GPS longitude for the well.

Is there any signage at the well?

ODNR requires a well identification sign at the wellhead and at the tank battery.  Compliant signage identifies the Well Owner, the County and Township and the API Well Number.  That information should enable the well to be found in the ODNR well database.

Does a Well Tender (Well Pumper) visit the well from time to time?

The Well Tender is likely to know more than anyone about the well.  The Well Tender should have contact information for the well operator.

Are the wellhead and tank battery visible and accessible?

Heavy oilfield equipment is required to plug a well and remove a tank battery.  Lack of easy access increases well plugging costs.  Subsequent construction around the well can block access.  Often unprofitable wells, tank batteries, and lease roads fall into disrepair.  The well plugging contractor will need to know if access to the well site will be easy or difficult.  Photographs are helpful.

Are there solid dikes around the tank battery?

ODNR requires dikes that can contain at least 110% of the contents of largest volume tank inside the tank battery.  The purpose of the dikes is to contain any crude oil or brine that might leak from the well or tanks.  Oil and brine within the tank battery are not considered to be hazardous and are exempt from statutory requirements in the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA, 1976).

There appears to be contamination or pollution around the well and/or tank battery that is outside of the dikes.  Is that a concern?

Yes.  ODNR will not approve the Final Restoration of the well site until this is cleaned up.  Oil and/or brine that has “escaped” containment (the dikes) must be treated and disposed of at an approved landfill.  Bio-remediation on-site may be approved by ODNR.

What is the source of your drinking water?

Water that is supplied by a municipal water source is not nearly as “at risk” as a water drawn from a water well on the property.

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